Real Food


imageFood is fuel. Its important to fuel our bodies with the best food we can. Lucky for us we have options all around. When I first started buying only organic, non GMO foods my wallet was hit hard. My husband freaked when he saw the grocery bill, it definitely was much more expensive. We came to the conclusion that our family’s well being was absolutely worth the hefty price tag. After weeks of commitment, we began to find a few ways to chop that bill, but still buy foods we were comfortable with putting in our body. Here are a few tips on providing your family with Real Food and staying on budget…


Every Sunday I sit down with my cookbooks (and Pinterest) and plan every meal for the week. I plan breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, even snacks for seven days. Planning ahead keeps me focused at the market and allows for a lot less wasted food. If Tuesday I have a meeting after work, I plan for a crockpot meal or leftovers from Monday. Planning ahead has saved us in so many ways including our bank account.


I love having a garden and going out to the yard to pick vegetables for dinner, but this last year did not allow me to tend to a garden. Since I was on bed rest with my trio I couldn’t have the garden I wanted, so I relied more on my local farmers. During the summer months there’s nothing better than hitting the local farmers market or neighborhood fruit stand. We get organic fruits and veggies for cheap! When you buy local, you know the produce will last longer than store bought because it’s been freshly picked, plus you’re supporting your community. When the local stands close down we subscribe to an organic delivery from a local farm. We get a variety of yummy food right to our doorstep for a fraction of the grocery store price. My son loves waking up Tuesday mornings to grab the “nanas” (bananas) from the porch.


In the last few months every time I go to Costco they have more and more Organic choices. This is a great way to save!


Investing in a cow, pig, and/or chickens is a great way to cut back on spending. My family can’t put away a whole pig, so we split the meat with another family and the cost. You’d be surprised how much meat you get from half a cow or pig, even a quarter of one will feed you for a long time. Buying from a local farmer also means you know exactly where your meat is coming from and how it’s been cared for.

At the end of the day, remember food fuels your body. Cutting out processed foods and buying organic is a great first step. Here I will be sharing recipes we love and tips for making real food. 



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