Essential Oils


Essential oils have changed our family’s health. We started dabbling in oils just before my sons first birthday. He was diagnosed with asthma, no surprise since my whole family has it, including me. Our pediatrician, who we love, gave us inhalers and we started on them right away. They immediately helped him breathe with ease, but I couldn’t help wonder if there was a more holistic approach. We were also instructed to give him breathing treatments, these too were helpful, but I began to notice they energized him beyond my liking. I was suppose to give him a treatment before bed, but it would keep him up for hours past bed time… What mom likes that? I began to research some alternative methods of healing and came across Essential Oils. I found this magical respitory blend, Breathe!!! We diffuse it in his room and rub it on his chest when his asthma flares up. It’s been 13 months and we have not used an inhaler or done a breathing treatmen since! This was the start of our journey, we are all hooked (even my hubby, who tends to doubt anything new). My two year old asks for his oils daily. We diffuse them, ingest them, use them topically, put them in DIY cleaners and DIY skin treatments, we even use them in cooking! The joke in my family is, “There’s an oil for that!”

I will be sharing all my Essential Oil tips and tricks here… Thanks for following!

Feel free to contact me regarding anything EO related, I’m happy to help.

If you are interested in purchasing oils check out my website or contact me. When you sign up as a preferred member you can get the three oils above. They are great starter oils. I use all three daily with our family, they are a must have for starting your Essential Oil journey!

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