Our Story

imageI love hearing stories of love and family, how people met and how their story came to be, but of course our story is my favorite. Alex and I met twenty years ago, wow, that makes me feel old! We were twelve and he says it was love at first sight. He caught my attention right away, but I was twelve and knew nothing of love. We dated in high school and boy did I fall hard. He was the typical All American Boy, gorgeous, sweet, high school Quarterback, shortstop on the baseball team, homecoming king, my parents loved him, it was easy to get caught up in the relationship. Before I knew it we were breaking up and my world was rocked. I remember he said if it was meant to be we would find our way back together… What 16 year old says that? It was a line for sure, but now all these years later, he was absolutely right. Our paths led back to one another when we were twenty and we never looked back. Here we are twelve years later, four beautiful babies, and a life that is not perfect, but perfect for us.

In the 1950’s our grandparents immigrated from Holland and both ended up in the same town. When they met each other they shared a similar story of heritage and immigration, but they never thought sixty years later their families would be one. I like to think God had a plan for us even back then. Our story isn’t just twenty years in the making, it began sixty years ago.


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