Finding the Helpers

In light of recent events, I began thinking about the evil in the world and why people do what they do? Is it innate, or learned, or perhaps a little bit of both. I’ve always believed that nature and nurture were both responsible in shaping who we are, but is the world we are living in making it harder for us to do our jobs as parents? That raised my next question… Are we (and by we, I mean Alex and myself) doing everything we can to instill loving and positive qualities in our children? I came to the conclusion that the most important things we can do is lead by example and surround them with the GOOD in our world. Because let’s face it, the good outweighs the bad!

When thinking about all of this, so many wonderful examples of good people started popping into my mind. It was like I literally couldn’t shut off the images of loving and honest people putting good vibes into the world. So, I decided to highlight some of those amazing people here.

I immediately had to share with you this INCREDIBLE family. The Campbell’s are the type of family you want as neighbors, the people you want in the lives of your children, and Cliff and Nancy are the type of parents you take notes from.  They are good, hardworking people who not only give back to their community ANY way they can, but are raising three incredible selfless humans who make a difference in this world.

The Campbell’s along with many others are apart of the Pink Heals Solano. You may have seen their fire truck in a parade or driving around the county. I first learned of Pink Heals when they made a trip to visit my classroom. I later got to see their team in action…

I was in my house one afternoon and I started hearing sirens and horns honking. I knew right away it wasn’t an emergency. These were sounds of excitement and love. I looked outside only to find tons of cars filling my street. Pink Heals was visiting my neighbor who’s family suffered first hand from cancer. When I stepped outside there were kids running around, adults coming out of cars with gifts and all filled with so much happiness. They were there to deliver some hope to my neighbors. The smiles it brought to this family was indescribable. Pure Joy!

I asked Nancy a few questions regarding the Pink Heals Organization. I originally planned on summarizing her responses into the blog, but found her answers so honest and refreshing, I decided to share them exactly as they were.

What is Pink Heals?

Nancy: Pink Heals is a nationally known non profit organization that puts volunteerism and our labor of love to work within our local Pink Heals chapters within our own communities. Money raised by the community efforts stay local to help local families who may have a loved one in their family battling cancer. Pink Heals teams up with local public safety, local businesses, and families to bring a community together. To show individuals they are loved, cherished, and important. We celebrate people, not causes.


What is your family’s involvement in Pink Heals and how did you get involved?
Nancy: Our Immediate family became involved with Pink Heals in 2011 when our youngest daughter, Natalie, saw the National Pink Heals Tour in our Vacaville Fiesta Days Parade. She was 3 at the time and asked her Daddy, why we didn’t have pink engines? Being a firefighter he had never heard of them, but we went home and we started learning more about them! We had a chance later that year to ride with the national tour and that was it, it was then we knew… we had to do this! We were one of the beginning families to help bring Pink Heals to Solano County! Cliff is the Vice President and myself and our 3 kids are Pink Guardians. We had a long road bringing it to fruition and it has been one of the hardest and yet most rewarding endeavors we have ever been a part of! Pink Heals Solano was founded in 2012.
What drives your passion for this organization? 
Nancy: Our passion is driven by simply wanting to keep the power of human touch. We have witnessed first hand the power of a hug, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or a heart to help heal. We give support to individuals within our community who may  need to be wrapped in love, given a hug, or even just be shown people DO care, they care enough to make a difference and we love being a part of that for people who need us!
Describe the Pink Heals Family.
Nancy: Our Pink Family is EPIC!!! I don’t say that lightly, Cliff & I and few others have worked to build this family from the ground up, it had its ups and downs in the beginning. We couldn’t be happier to see how this Pink family has grown! Full of helpers of our world, selfless, loving, giving, and some of the coolest people who come together to do whatever it may be to help people of our own communities. It is  rewarding to see them also have children of their own, as we do who now our jr guardians for us and they lift spirits, help bring smiles to those affected by cancer! This is very important and helps take the scary out when we may have a child who is battling cancer. The kids and their big hearts along with their parents who make up our pink family are priceless people we are blessed with in our lives!
You and Cliff are raising three smart, kind, and honorable people. What do you do to teach them to be good, honest people who spread that happiness in their community?
Nancy: Cliff & I take huge amounts of time devoted to raising our kids to be the helpers in our world. It is rather hard for me to answer this question? As I feel so many people do the same things, I can say in raising our kids we have always been real with them, truthful, honest & hold them to high accountability of achieving their own personal greatness by knowing and learning what makes them happy. I have always told my kids from a very young age to love themselves first, that way they will have a heart full of happiness & love to guide them through life! This world can be a cruel place, mean and evil. Never let that steal your joy! Work hard, be humble & kind , say your prayers and love like crazy!!! Be responsible & respectful!! But most importantly be happy!
So if you’ve ever wondered about the Pink Fire Engine, covered in signitures, driving around town, now you know! This is a group of selfless people trying to brighten the lives of people in our community.
A big thank you to the Campbell family and all the Pink Heals Family for doing good in this world!





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