We made it! 

The trio is one! We have survived the first year as a family of 6. To a lot of people this isn’t a big deal, but when our family went from three to six over night we were terrified, excited, and really had no idea what we were getting into. These beautiful, 32 week, 3lb babies have changed our lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While on bed rest for three months waiting for our trio’s arrival I read everything I could on multiples. I spoke to friends and family who had conquered this task, but nothing prepared me for the road ahead.

Carrying multiples is a scary thing. I remember setting goals for myself as we went along (but let’s be honest, I wasn’t in control of their arrival). First I needed to make it to 24 weeks, then 28, next 32, and lastly 35 weeks, which is full term for triplets. At 32 weeks exactly I went into labor and cried in the hospital because I felt like I let them down. They needed more time.

It was an emotional day. After months and months of worry we were going to meet our babies. At 19 weeks I went into pre term labor and had a cerclage put in to save the babies. I was put on bed rest, spending the whole summer on my couch (I hated everyone posting pictures of their camping trips, boating excursions, and beach vacations). Baby B hadn’t  grown in weeks and we were referred to a genetic counselor about all the possibilities for her considerable size difference than her brothers. One thing after another, ultra sound after ultra sound and the day was finally here.

Six doctors and at least 15 nurses filled the operating room (no, I did not push these three out, mad props to mommas who have). One by one, these tiny humans were brought into the world. First Ashton, then Austyn, both whom I did not get to see. They needed oxygen and were rushed out of the room. Last but not least, our biggest (by one ounce) and youngest Alex was brought over to me for a split second and then he was taken to join his siblings.

Five hours later I met my trio in the NICU. Ashton and Austyn were on CPAP and they had cords and tubes everywhere. At 3lbs the incubators seemed huge. How did I carry these three babies for the last 32 weeks?? Twenty-five days of back and forth to the NICU, caring for a toddler at home and living in a trailer outside of the hospital wares on you. 25 days in the grand skeem of things was nothing and so many of my fellow triplet moms spent much longer, but non the less, it was hard and the day we came home was filled with so much relief.

And now here we are, a year later! After many sleepless nights, plenty of tears (both the babies and myself), tons of giggles, a billion poopy diapers, daily snuggles, a new house, an 8 day hospital stay with Alex, teething x3, lots of kisses, fevers, more poopy diapers, and a new car, we have made it!

The last year has been better than I ever could have imagined. A huge thank you to all our family and friends who helped keep us sane the last 365 days, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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